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Dusty Strings 'FH 26 Double Strung'

Rare and amazing double-strung FH26 harp, in bubinga. Includes tuning key, matching bubinga legs, custom carrying case, 2 full sets of strings and 2 music books. Harp is in excellent condition. Serial number 6577, built 2003. 


Plus tax, if applicable. Long distance transportation is available at additional cost.


Dusty Strings 'FH26 Double Strung'

Look closely at the strings

You will see 2 parallel rows of strings, tuned to exactly the same pitches. 

All 52 strings have Loveland sharpening levers which enables a full range of chromatics. Create dazzlingly fast repeated notes cleanly with no finger noise. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

Pristine Condition

This harp has been meticulously cared for and is in mint condition. 

Call to make an appointment to see and hear this beautiful instrument. (602) 341-4277

Consignment Harps - Lever

Lyon & Healy 'Prelude 38'


Built in 2000, this harp includes Performance Levers, tuning key, cloth cover, travel bench, brass music stand. Serial #1014.

+ Music Stand


Beautiful brass music stand. 

Complete package is $3,900.00 

(plus any applicable tax)

+ Music Books


Great assortment of music books: 

Sylvia Woods, Suzuki Books 1 and 2, etc.  plus Korg CA-30 chromatic tuner.