Consignment Harps - Pedal

Venus 'Classic'

A full-sized concert grand 47-string pedal harp at a great price. Built in 2001, this harp includes a tuning key, round adjustable bench, deluxe 2-piece padded transport cover and misc. replacement strings. Recently regulated with full set of new strings. Serial number 2770. 

            Price is $12,500.00 

(Plus AZ tax, if applicable. Long distance transportation is available at additional shipping cost.)

     Venus 'Classic' #2770

Venus 'Classic' #2770

Consignment Harps - Lever

Salvi 'Egan'


This 38-string, light-tension lever harp was built in 2007. In pristine condition, the package includes a tuning key, dust cover, deluxe padded transport cover and full set of replacement strings. 

Serial number 27581. 

Carved Column Detail


Beautiful detailed carving on column. Performance levers on all strings: (low) 6C to (high) 1E. 

Price is $3,600.00 

(plus AZ tax, if applicable. Transportation to your home is available). 

Soundboard Detail


Elaborate and unique 3-dimensional, decorative edging along both sides of the soundboard give the harp a crisp, distinctive appearance with a full and rich sound. 

Consignment Harps - Lever

Lyon & Healy 'Troubadour'


Built in 1978, this harp includes tuning key, levers on all 33 strings, canvas cover, deluxe padded bench and music stand. Serial number 3915-C. 

Deluxe padded bench


Custom-made lyres support a comfortable padded seat. 

Price for everything is $1,995.00

(plus AZ tax, if applicable)

Music Stand


Unusual and handy double-tiered metal Manhasset music stand. Beginning and tutorial music included to help your enjoyment.