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New Lever Harps for Sale

Dusty Strings 'Serrana'


Dusty Strings 'Serrana' 34-string lever. Big, responsive sound. Light-tension, closer string spacing. 

Pick-up already installed. 

Includes a tuning key, carrying case and 2-year warranty.

$3,435.00 (plus applicable tax) 

Salvi 'Juno'


Salvi 'Juno' 27-string in natural finish lever harp, Silk Gut strings. 

Includes tuning key, 8-inch legs,, dust cover and 3-year warranty.

$1,650.00 (plus applicable tax)

Dusty 'Ravenna 34'


Dusty Strings 'Ravenna' 34 with full Loveland levers, light tension strings and custom transport case. Includes tuning key and 2-year warranty.

$2,545.00 (plus applicable tax)


Lyon & Healy continues to set the standard for sound quality, production methods and resale value. Award-winning pedal and lever harps fulfill everyone's desire for purity of sound and superb strength. Lyon & Healy opened its first Chicago store in 1864. 

Salvi Harps

The quest for evolution, combined with years of research and development, has placed Salvi Harps at the forefront of innovative harp design. Virtuoso harpist Victor Salvi began building harps in the 1950s and his legendary instruments continue to be manufactured in northern Italy. 


Beginning in 1979, Dusty Strings harps are much beloved for their bright, crisp, even sound. Much in demand by harpists world-wide, Seattle-based Dusty Strings also builds fine dulcimers and offers lessons for guitars and other stringed instruments. 


County Kerry Lap Harp

A brand new 'County Kerry' lap harp in cherry veneer includes full levers, tuning wrench, shoulder strap and soft carrying case. Only 8 pounds! 

This 24-string harp is excellent size and weight for harp therapy. 

  • $1,099.00 ((plus tax if AZ)