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85CG Concert Grand (left) and Chicago 40 (right). The 85CG will be available in September 2019.

A 10% fully refundable deposit will reserve a harp for your first right of refusal. Call or email for reservations and more details. 

(602) 341-4277.

New Lever Harp Sales

Dusty Strings 'Serrana'


Dusty Strings 'Serrana' 34-string lever. Big, responsive sound. Light-tension, closer string spacing. Pick-up already installed. Includes tuning key, case and 2-year warranty.

$3,435.00 (plus applicable tax) 

Dusty Strings 'FH36S'


Dusty Strings 'FH36S' 36-string lever harp in walnut with Gut strings. 

Includes Camac Levers, staved body, custom tuning wrench, deluxe carrying case and 2-year warranty.

$6,890.00 (plus applicable tax)

Dusty Strings 'Ravenna 34'


Dusty Strings 'Ravenna' 34 with full Loveland levers, light tension strings and custom transport case. Includes tuning key and 2-year warranty.

$2,545.00 (plus applicable tax)

Lyon Healy 'Ogden'

Lyon Healy 'Ogden'

Lyon & Healy 'Ogden' 34-string lever. Full Performance levers, concert tension strings. Includes ergonomic tuning key, carrying case and 

2-year warranty. 

$3,200.00 (plus applicable tax)

Noteworthy 'Count Kerry'


Noteworthy 'County Kerry' lap harp in cherry veneer includes full levers, tuning wrench, shoulder strap and soft carrying case. Only 8 pounds! 

This 24-string harp is excellent for harp therapy. 

$1,099.00 ((plus tax if AZ)

Salvi 'Juno 27'


Salvi Harps presents the 'Juno'

27-string lever harp in natural. 

Includes tuning key, deluxe carrying case, 

8-inch legs and 2-year warranty. 

$1,650.00 (plus applicable tax)

Used - Electric Lever 'Silhouette'

Silhouette S-25


Electric lever 'Silhouette', built 2005. 

33 lever-strings (wire, gut, nylon). 

Each string has built-in Piezo pick-up for purest amplification sound quality. 

Contract Pending 

(plus tax). Shipping is available. 

Cradle & stand


Custom fit wooden cradle houses the harp. Adjustable stand easily allows different heights and angles. Harp is completely detachable from stand for cordless mobility. 

Boss EQ


Boss GE-7 Equalizer lets you adjust and balance high, mid and low ranges to your individual specifications. 

Digital delays, loopers and other special effects are easy to add 

(not included here). 

Onboard Colored Lights


RF Wireless lights installed underneath neck. Choose from 7 different colors which can be 

auto-rotating or flashing. 

See the strings in dark environments. 

Shoulder Strap


Adjustable shoulder strap allows for completely cordless performance freedom. Wireless mic needed. 

Become strolling a harpist! 

Silhouette Gig Bag


Custom designed, padded cover with pocket protect the harp for transport. 

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