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New 85CG Concert Grand available immediately.

Brand new 85CG in popular mahogany finish. Hand selected from Lyon & Healy's Chicago showroom and factory.  Includes an ergonomic tuning key, dust cover and 5-year factory warranty. $22,500.00 (plus any applicable tax). 

A 10% fully refundable deposit will reserve this harp for your first right of refusal. Call or email for reservations and more details.

Arianna !

Salvi Arianna


Salvi 'Arianna' built 2015. 

Lightly played, in pristine condition.  


(plus tax). Shipping is available, 

contact us for quote. 

Soundboard Details


Soundboard detailing compliments the the column shape as well as the inlaid designs. Every detail of this harp is fully integrated into the artistic vision of the Arianna. 

(Current list price for a new 

Arianna is $37,000.00.)

Elaborate Crown


Hidden from casual view and sometimes completely missed is the inlaid crown atop the column. It's worth the trip upstairs to enjoy. 

Fancy Feet


Striking inlays of rosewood, olive, ebony and maple wood elegantly adorn every inch of this harp. 

Serial Number


Serial number 17795 was built in 2015. Only 4 years old, this harp was meticulously maintained, last regulated in 2017. It was hardly ever moved and lightly played. 

Italian Heritage


In Piasco, Italy, at the base of the Alps, Salvi Harps produces precision instruments, putting technology at the service of tradition and craftsmanship. 

New Lever Harps

Dusty Strings 'Serrana'


Dusty Strings 'Serrana' 34-string lever. Big, responsive sound. Light-tension, closer string spacing. Pick-up already installed. Includes tuning key, case and 2-year warranty.

$3,435.00 (plus applicable tax) 

Dusty Strings 'FH36S'


Dusty Strings 'FH36S' 36-string lever harp in walnut with Gut strings. 

Includes Camac Levers, staved body, custom tuning wrench, deluxe carrying case and 2-year warranty.


Dusty Strings 'Ravenna 34'


Dusty Strings 'Ravenna' 34 with full Loveland levers, light tension strings and custom transport case. Includes tuning key and 2-year warranty.

$2,545.00 (plus applicable tax)

Lyon Healy 'Ogden'

Lyon Healy 'Ogden'

Lyon & Healy 'Ogden' 34-string lever. Full Performance levers, concert tension strings. Includes ergonomic tuning key, carrying case and 

2-year warranty. 

$3,200.00 (plus applicable tax)

Noteworthy 'Count Kerry'


Noteworthy 'County Kerry' lap harp in cherry veneer includes full levers, tuning wrench, shoulder strap and soft carrying case. Only 8 pounds! 

24-string harp is excellent for therapy. 


PRe-owned LEVER Harp


Triplett 'Celtic II' in walnut

Built in 2012, this beautiful Celtic II has been carefully cared for its entire life.  

Package includes: 

1. Full Camac Levers on all 34 strings

2. Laser-engraved 'Sirius' on pillar and soundboard

3. On-board installed pick-up

4. Deluxe travel cover with wheels

5. Deluxe engraved tuning wrench

6. Extra misc. strings 

Purchase price $4,800.00 

Plus tax, if applicable.

To schedule an appointment, contact  

Pre-owned Lever Harp

Pre-owned Lever Harp

Prelude 38, serial # 353

Built in 1996, this Prelude 38 includes tuning key, full Loveland levers, and dust cover. 


Plus tax, if applicable.


Jack Yule 'Clarsach' 34-string lever


Built originally in 1992 with a new soundboard in 2019.

Package includes: 

1. Ergonomic tuning key

2. Custom Cavallavo travel cover

3. Seiko chromatic tuner and Wittner metronome

4. Full sharpening levers on all 34 strings 

5. Toolkit box with misc. strings

Moon & Earth Goddess engraving


Custom engraved pillar both front and back. Specialty woods of American cherry, Scottish sycamore, walnut and red cedar. 

Truly one-of-kind! 

Purchase price is $1,500.00 

Plus tax, if applicable.

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